Monday, August 18, 2008

DnB All Store 2008

So we are having a contest at work to design the TShirt for this years all store meeting. I've been eating cereal like crazy lately, Magic Stars my fav to be exact. Check out my entry.

IF Detach

I drew this illustration from my old boyfriend Eric before I moved away to California. It took a long time to detach myself from him, but I finally got used to being without him.
I still think about Eric from time to time, he was one of my best friends as well as my boyfriend, but I guess people come into our lives for different reasons whether to teach us things or just to help lift our spirits in times of transition either way it's nice that they can inspire cute art as well. :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

IF: Sail

This is a piece I did in college called, "This Way to Kimberland" One day I hope to build an amusement park and it's shown in the background. Click the image to see the larger size the detail from the scan is amazing! Enjoy!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

IF: POOF and a Punchline

This sketch/beginning color study is from a story I wrote called "Journey to Slumberland"
"David could not fall asleep. His cold was getting worse, then POOF the Sandman arrived." Well in so many words. lol. I also did a color version of Punchline too. It came out darker than I'd hope, so I'll probably work on it more. But it includes such cameos by "Captain Kidd's Grape Drink," "Funny Face: With It Watermelon" and the "Welches Grape Juice Indians" Plus, Kool Aid Man and Punchie. Enjoy!